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威廉希尔的探险 introduces Tar Heels to North Carolina beyond our campus. The program recently 宣布了春季旅行计划, 哪一种方式可以让学生徒步旅行, 攀爬, 皮划艇, paddleboarding, 徒步旅行和更多.

Tar Heels traverse the mountains in last semester's Grayson Highlands backpacking trip. (照片由北卡罗来纳大学校园娱乐)

Carolina has a notably beautiful campus with much to offer, but the college experience isn’t limited to that space. North Carolina boasts a landscape waiting to be explored, and UNC 校园娱乐’s 威廉希尔的探险 课程旨在向学生介绍它.

“Expeditions not only provides an opportunity for Tar Heels to get outside and enjoy themselves, 但威廉希尔也提供价格合理的服务, accessible opportunities for students to try a new outdoor activity in a way that is less intimidating than learning on your own,” says 威廉希尔的探险 coordinator Ashley Fox.

卡罗来纳探险就 宣布了春季旅行计划. Students can sign up to go hiking, 攀爬, 皮划艇, paddleboarding, 徒步旅行和更多.

“We provide the peer leaders that have all the skills to lead groups outside, 威廉希尔提供所有的装备, 食物, transportation — everything they need to get out there and take a leap of faith and go for it,”狐狸说.

威廉希尔的探险 is big on “experiential education,” or learning with your hands. That means leaving your phone behind — metaphorically, at least.

“We really try to distance participants from technology,”狐狸说. “We let people bring their phones, but we ask that they only use them for photos.”

This helps foster a deeper in-person connection — not only with nature but with other participants on the trip. “In the end, students always say, ‘Thank you for not letting me be on my phone,’”狐狸说.

玛丽莎阿拉姆, a senior double majoring in psychology and human development and family studies, has worked at 威廉希尔的探险 since the start of the pandemic, 当一切都被搁置. Now that the program is hosting trips again, she can’t wait to get outside with her fellow Tar Heels.

“I have a huge passion for being outside,” she says. “I’m looking forward to showing people the outdoors.”

Beyond local day trips and the two-night backpacking trip, 威廉希尔的探险 also offers a five-day excursion for first-year and transfer students called Carolina Compass. For anyone who has been curious about an extended stay outside, it’s an ideal chance to try backpacking and camping because 威廉希尔的探险 handles the heavy lifting.

Whether it’s a day of 皮划艇 or 攀爬 or a longer journey into the wilderness, 威廉希尔的探险 helps students learn more about North Carolina’s lush, 自然景观及其本身. Alam says, “It’s a really cool thing that Carolina has.”

See Carolina Expedition’s spring calendar and register for a trip

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