一个完整的教育意味着支持整个学生. 威廉希尔 the many ways Carolina helps students succeed at every level of their higher-education journey.


威廉希尔的学术指导计划assists undergraduate students in the General College 和 艺术学院 & 科学 with all aspects of academic planning and decision-making, 包括选择专业, choosing appropriate courses and ensuring progress toward a degree. Students are assigned a primary advisor but may see any advisor for their concerns.


中国helps Carolina students develop the skills and strategies necessary to succeed academically at Carolina. Its broad range of programs helps prepare students to become the next generation of leaders. 中心的项目包括:

学生学术咨询 为所有学生提供学术和个人支持, including individual academic counseling appointments and guidance for student-led initiatives and projects. 另外, the unit provides programs and activities that promote academic excellence, increase retention and improve the campus climate for diversity among American Indian and African American undergraduate students.

囊的 同伴指导 program offers three areas of support: Peer mentors help first-year minority students adjust to Carolina academically and developmentally through relationship building, 通过支持和指导 少数咨询项目; C-STEP指导 pairs current C-STEP students with incoming low- and middle-income college transfer students; and 卡约指导 pairs incoming Covenant students with current Covenant scholars to ensure holistic success on campus.

The Lea基础中心
学习中心 helps students optimize learning strategies to achieve their academic potential at Carolina through its various programs, 包括许多入门课程的同伴辅导, 一对一的学术指导, 和LD和ADHD学生的学业成功计划.

写作中心provides free services for students seeking help with their writing skills, including online and face-to-face coaching appointments with graduate and undergraduate students specially trained in writing instruction. 该中心还以丰富的讲义和视频and additional services for non-native English speaking students and scholars.

男人的颜色 is a community designed to help males of color develop academically, 社会, and professionally at Carolina and to improve their graduation and retention rates.

夏天的桥梁 is a seven-week residential academic support program for a select group of entering first-year students, designed to ease participants’ personal and academic transition from high school to Carolina.

Pre-Graduate学校建议, located in Hanes Hall, provides undergraduate students in the 艺术学院 & 科学 with guidance on re威廉希尔体育ing and applying to graduate programs. Advisors can help clarify the differences between a doctorate and a master’s degree 和 opportunities a terminal degree may offer.

虽然威廉希尔没有正式的健康预科课程或专业, students interested in a career in health sciences are strongly encouraged to visit the 卫生专业谘询办公室 soon after their first semester for information on course requirements and other preparations for the field. 该办公室对许多卫生专业提供建议, 包括对抗疗法, 整骨疗法的医学, 足病医学, 牙科, 护理, 药店, 物理治疗, 和兽医. 建议信息, 建议时间, and information about joining the pre-health information listserv may be found on the office’s website.  


Carolina’s library system is one of the premier libraries in the South. 它包括学院本科生图书馆, 戴维斯图书馆, 威尔逊特别收藏图书馆, the 健康 科学 Library and multiple libraries with subject specialties – all open to the public. 的 大学图书馆网站 provides access to scholarly re威廉希尔体育 materials including e-journals, 电子书, 通过电子邮件提供引文指南和在线研究帮助, 闲谈,聊天, 还有短信服务.


的 intellectual life of the University 和 re威廉希尔体育 activities of undergraduates, graduate students and faculty receive valuable support from many institutes and centers. 的se institutes do not operate as instructional agencies within the University; rather, they serve to obtain financial and organizational assistance for their scholar-members. 大多数研究中心和研究所都可以在网上找到 UNC研究网站.


的 University has published scholarly journals since 1884, when the以利沙·米切尔科学学会杂志第一次出现. 的 following list contains some of the publications currently produced by the University’s graduate and professional programs.

美国的外交政策.Journal for commentary, analysis and re威廉希尔体育 on American foreign policy and its practice.

Annali d 'Italianistica.Journal promotes the study of Italian literature in its cultural context, fosters scholarly excellence and presents topics of interest to a large number of Italianists.

《威廉希尔体育》威廉希尔论文.Series of UNC–Chapel Hill graduate student working papers designed to promote scholarship in the fields of health and development and to raise awareness of such issues among international studies specialists.

N奥尔特卡法律审查.Published by the School of 法律 to stimulate re威廉希尔体育 and publication by faculty and students.

浪漫语言与文学研究.Publication has long supported and disseminated scholarship in the romance literatures.


北卡罗来纳大学出版社 是大学的主要学术出版部门吗. 它促进了研究, 教学, and public service missions of a great public university by publishing excellent work from leading scholars, writers and intellectuals and by presenting that work to both academic audiences and general readers.

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